The Truth About Cataracts

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By Dr. Jay Fiore

A main fallacy with cataracts is that it “has to be ripe” before it can be removed.  While it is true that Medicare and insurance companies won’t pay for clear lenses to be removed just so an intraocular lens can be placed, one does not have to be blind in the eye in order to qualify for surgery. Typically, a visual acuity of 20/40 or less under normal lighting or glare testing, in a patient with cataract related visual complaints, is reason enough to remove the cataract.

Cataract surgery in today’s world has moved from being a purely therapeutic procedure to a refractive procedure.  Not only is the visual obstruction to vision removed, but a lens is placed in the eye that can compensate for one’s eyeglass prescription.

For those willing to pay a premium, lenses are available that can correct both distance and near vision or astigmatism.   While not perfect, these technologies are great for the right patient.

If you or someone you know feels their vision is being affected by a cataract, schedule an evaluation with our specialists at Heimer Eye Care Associates.

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