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By Dr. Jeffery Heimer

Advanced technology lens implants have been available to eye surgeons and their patients for many years.

These are a unique type of artificial lens implant placed following cataract removal surgery.

Generally, the most common lens implant used is called a monofocal implant.  These are excellent quality lenses and are made by several different manufacturers.  They provide very clear vision, though they focus images best at a specific distance.  Often, we try to obtain good distance for our patients, and they then use reading glasses for near vision.  We can, however, provide near or intermediate

vision with these lenses depending upon a persons desire.  Sometimes by slightly mixing lens powers we can offer a good range of vision with a limited need for glasses.  But generally glasses are necessary for certain tasks.  Monofocal lenses are covered by insurance.

Advanced technology implants address unique needs and desires of patients.  There are basically 2 types of these lenses.

These lenses are not covered by insurance and are paid out-of pocket.

The first is called toric.  This lens corrects astigmatism, which is a common and slightly irregular shape of the eye, which can be corrected with glasses.  For someone with astigmatism, this lens is an excellent way to correct vision and may minimize the need for constant spectacle correction.

The second type of lens is what are called presbyopia-correcting lenses, of which there are multiple different types including multifocal, trifocal, and extended depth of focus. The goal of their use is to provide a wider range of vision from distance to near, without glasses. While these lenses are not for everybody, they are wonderful for many people and represent truly advanced technology.

When cataract surgery is necessary, there are lens implant options which can be discussed in order to meet each persons unique vision concerns.

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